Michelle McLeod

Life & Spiritual coach

As a Profesional Life Coach I have been using WIA Candles for the past 4 years during my client sessions to help create a comfortable, relaxing and calming environment for both ma and those I work with. They also make perfect, healthy gifts for your family or friends. I can also attest that their value of integrity is practiced throughout their entire business.  .

Richard MaraIta

I have known and worked with Jim Villamor for over 18 years. Jim gives 100% of himself in all that he does especially when it comes to his commitment to spread a positive message of kindness, acceptance and love for all humanity and the planet. 

Shona Tough

Marriage Celebrant

As a Marriage Celebrant I have been gifting my clients with WIA’s Love Scented Candles after their personalised ceremonies as a token of their commitment and life union ship.