Life Lessons On Helping  Others

Life Lessons On Helping  Others

In April 2010 I was in a taxi where the driver accidentally hit & took the life of a 43 year old man with a wife & 2 daughters who was enjoying himself on Oxford Street. I was able to hold this man as his soul passed on which I now see as a blessing yet at the time I still had many life lessons to learn so this event took its time & toll on me. 

Yesterday I found a well dressed man passed out lying flat on his face at 8:30am on a sidewalk in Double Bay. What I first noticed was people crossing the street to avoid this man instead of checking to see if he was ok. I called 000 & found out this man had a seizure on his way to church and needed immediate medical attention.  
I'm sharing this because I truly believe we are here to help people not to avoid them. Sometimes we need to step out of ourselves first instead of stepping over others. 

This is said with love - when in doubt, simply call 000 or 911 - that's their job & they value people taking the time to care for others.  

With Love Jim 

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