About Us

With Integrity Australia Candles (WIA Candles) was established in 2015 by Stephane Champagne and Jim Villamor who own and operate their business in Sydney. Our intention and commitment behind WIA Candles is to make high grade, affordable, allergy-free, soy wax candle range that are 100% made in AustraliaIn 2013 we both went through some very challenging experiences. Jim suffered from depression and anxiety, in addition to suffering from allergies and asthma after being involved in a serious accident in 2012. During the same time Stephane was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome and a partial tremour and was battling his own personal struggles. During this experiences it allowed us to reevaluate our lives and make a series of changes in order to create a more authentic and honest life with a focus on health and genuine happinesss.We both gained a lot of insight and awareness during our recovery period and the importance of chosing a life coming from a place of Love instead of from a pace of fear.During this time we made an agreement to commitment  to help spread a  message of “Love and Light” out into the world with a deep sense of compassion  and empathy to finding a way to help spread this message to the many others who have or are experiencing  the many challenges and difficulties in life that can cast dark shaddows during our unique life  journey’s.In 2014 Stephane signed us both up for a candle making class that opened our eyes to the many harmful effects in most store bought candles in Australia, which are  made in China that include recycled peteoum, toxins and chemicals that negatively impact our health and wellbeing.When establishing our new start up in 2015 we saw an opportunity to develop a true Australian candle brand that could potentially provide us with the opportunity to one day start exporting our products into South East Asia and around the globe.With integrity and a lot of patience we committed to resourcing all of our supplies, ingredients, designs, packaging and materials within Australia in order to help support businesses within the country in addition to being eligible to hold the Made In Australia License and logo which we received in May 2016.All of our candles are non toxic, vegan and GMO they are also lead free and environmentally friendly.Since 2016 we have focused on developing our candle range through product testing and feedback. We did this by selling at a variety of local markets, exhibiting and attending many Tradeshows, developing joint ventures with other businesses, developing partnerships and networking by joining associations, attending Meet Ups and many other business and social events.Our intention behind committing to this was to allow people to see and meet the faces between our With Integrity Brand which has resulted in building many strong relationships and trust with our customers, other business owners and within our local community.To order to help meet the needs of our customers in addition to creating our own unique WIA Candle range, we also offer a private label option that offer custom made designed, scented and styles candles  for businesses,  retailers, corporate and personal branded gifts  and special occasions including weddings, launch parties, anniversaries and all other celebrations and special events.Through our commitment to share and spread our message love and light we look forward to hearing from you with any questions, orders, or support that we can provide.In Love & Light,Jim and Stephane

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