Pre-Launch Limited Edition Miracles by WIA


A lot has happened over the past 3 years for all of us. On our end, Jim lost his father in July this year and Stephane lost his Aunt, who was a second mother to him in October. Both of us were unable to see our loved before their passing which is and will be something we continue to learn about.

Despite the many challenges over this time, we have both witnessed and experienced some amazing miracles taking place, not only here in Australia but around the globe. This is our motivation behind our Limited Edition “Miracles Candle”  which will launch  for the public in mid January 2023.


Our Limited Edition "Miracles" Candle is a creation to invoke and inspire our beliefs and faith that wonderful things are possible, that dreams really do come true and our imagination is endless. Each candle includes a unique crystal that is placed and hand poured in the soy wax and natural fragrance oil. (Details about the crystal are also included) 

Miracles by WIA Candles  are for everyone and anyone who needs and/or has been waiting for a Miracle!  It has arrived! 

Take advantage of 50% off our RRP) only $24.99 

 Pre-Launch Promotion (offer expires 6th 2023

Use Code 2023 at check-out for free shipping (Australia Only) 

Please note: The only access to purchase Miracles by WIA is clicking the link below. You will not find this product on our website.

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