What is CHANGE?

1. It is important to know that it is impossible to change another person to help meet our individual needs. Unfortunately a lot of time and energy are wasted by trying to influence, convince and often threaten others to change in order for us to feel better.

2. It is important to emphasize that the only way we can make consistent changes in our lives is when we acknowledge (within ourselves) the need and desire for this change, (based on our values, morals, health, education, personal benefits etc.) in order for us to commit to and maintain motivation in order to make this change so it becomes habitual.

3. Change can be both conscious and unconscious. Conscious change requires a plan, they don’t just happen.

4. In closing, we can support and encourage others to make changes in their lives, however the change is theirs and no one else’s. The foundation for change requires self responsibility, commitment and self management. It is a personal journey, one that can not be forced, pressured or manipulated by another.

Please know I am sending you my support, encouragement and patience along the pathway to change. 

Spreading Love & Light,

Jim Villamor

With Integrity Australia Candles

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